About Us

SWS Digital is based out of Vancouver, Canada and is the brainchild of two friends that grew up together sharing the common goal of “living the dream”.

Incidentally, our dream was to make a high-quality, feature rich iPhone/iTouch application designed to help users track and share their bowel movements with friends around the world in real time…Seriously.

Indeed, the vision at SWS went well beyond bowel tracking. With the help of modern smart phone technology, the team has created an app that allows for the creation of over 400 unique poop and fragrance combinations to help users share their daily stories in a fun and fulfilling way. Add to this the ability to strive for challenging trophies, AND being able to view poops being generated around the world in real time on a sophisticated mapping system, and you get Poop The World – possibly the best application ever.

SWS (Slurpeez with Samedi) is the fusion of a childhood love of slurpees and an obscure reference to the host of a video board game, Baron Samedi (from the Nightmare series which occupied a well defined niche of children in the early-mid 90s).

Our mission at SWS Digital is to provide every person around the world, living or dead, with experiences that enrich their lives in some way, shape or form.