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iPhone BAT FIGHT in the China Market

November 12, 2009

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Apple’s iPhone has hit the Chinese market as of Oct 30. If you’re keeping an ear to the ground you may have heard that the iPhone isn’t exactly selling like hotcakes. 5000 hotcakes over its opening weekend to be exact. A far cry from the 1 million iPhones 3GS models that were sold in North America over its first 2 days. Why no love? A few reasons:

1) After currency conversions the iPhone works out to be $700 – $1000
2) No Wi-Fi = lame
3) There are a ton of phones us North American folk have never even heard of on the market in China for much less.
4) Someone can buy an “imported” (smuggled) iPhone in China for under $500. There’s over 2 million of those on the market already.
There is however one reason to think that the iPhone market in China will spike soon. A little app that we like to call POOP THE WORLD <Ron Burgundy voice>

Yes, this little fox can do all the tricks. <still in a Ron Burgundy voice>

Helps you generate funny, cartoon poops. Over 400 types. Devil of a good time. <Robert Goulet voice>

Allows you to earn trophies, send notifications of your “work” to your friends and followers via Twitter and Facebook. Oh, and did I mention, there’s a live map and a Global Poop Leaderboard that you can now view directly from your iPhone / iPod Touch?

You can’t beat that with a bat.

BAT FIGHT with Will Ferrell from Will Ferrell

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